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Catherine the Virgin, Tuesday the Morrow of St. Frances Dukintield and secured by a rent charge forth of certain Lands in the County of Chester, a parcel of Lands in possion worth four pounds tenn Shillings per annm.

A paroell of Land worth 15s per annm Given by Humphrey Plat, the sum of tenn pounds in moneys given by Oliver Stopfer- h, the like sum of tenn pounds in moneys given by Tho.

AspuU the sum of three pounds in moneys given by William Sale the Elder the like sum of three pounds in moneys given by Will.

Sale the younger the sum of fifty pounds in moneys given by Mary Collier widdow and relict of tiie said Eandle Collier the sum of twenty pounds in moneys given by the aforenamed Edward Green and 15b per annm.

Tho Cook the product of which sd moneys the said deponent hath seen diverse times paid to severall of the said curates and saith he doth not remember the said John Rainacars but as to all the rest of the said persons Except Mrs.

To the 33rd interogatoiy he saith that some short time before the decease of the said Mr. James Shaw the Exeptant Mr.

Whalley was got into possession of the said Chappell to wit upon Sunday the fifth of November he this Deponent being then one of the Churchwardens of Wigan brought a book of oommon prayer to the said Mr.

Whalley refused to read the same nor never since read the ad book of oommon prayers in the Said Chappell as this Deponent ever heud of. Bristowe in the Interogatory named to succeed the said Mr.

Shaw in the Chappellry of Hindley and the said Bishop then promised a license accordingly if the said Mr. Bnstowe would accept thereof and the said Mr.

Bristowe had a license to the said place as he after, wards told this Deponent and this Deponent went with the sd Mr.

Hilton yt he was within the same, where upon the said Mr. To the 49th Interogatory he saith that he knows the severall Trustees named in the Deeds of Lease and release made by Willm Crook in the interr named and saith that all the said Trustees or feofees named in the said deeds and who at the time of the iiiakiug thereof lived within the said 49 Chappelry most usoally came to divine service and sermon in the said Chappell and very seldom or never absented themselves from prayers of the said Church when the came to the said Chappell.

To the 51st interogatory he saith that he WIS present when Thomas Kigby in the interr named appeared before the commrs, for charitable uses in the town hall of Wigan to give his evidence in the Exeptts behalf toaching the matters in vari- ance and the said Thomas Eighy being swome did then and there give in evidence amongst other things that Mr.

Tonge in the interr. To the 53rd Interogatory he saith that dur- ing the time the said Mr. James Shaw was Curate and officiated at Hindley all and every the inhabit- ing Protestants within the Chappelry Except James Naylor the Elder generally came to prayers divine service and sermon within the sd Chappell and none of them ever declined the same, refused the same Except as aforesaid during the time of Mr.

To the 54th Interogatory he saith that he this Deponent and some of the said Trustees and many of the inhabitants within the said Chappelry 50 of Hindley who have 8eeU9 and Pews in the said Chappell have heen necessitated since the said Mr.

Whalley got possion of the said Chappell to go as far as Wigan, Leigh, Westhoughton, and several! The under-written Memorandum relating to the Chapel of Hindley is thought worthy of preserva- tion.

It is copied from an old paper now in the possession of William Chisnall, Chapel Clark, and seems to have been part of the Instructions to the Solicitor of the Court of Chancery for the Duchy of Lancaster, pending the suit between the Con- formists and Nonconformists, inhabitants of Hind- ley.

On the back of the paper is written — John Bridgeman, S. Died or The Chapel was finished in by several Persons in that Town who were called undertakers, and others that contributed to have scats in the Chapel.

Crook, Non Con The several Donations are agreed on by all sides and no contest about them, but only how they shall be Imployed. What every Deft, is particularly charged with is shewn in the docquett for causes.

Hatton proves them Coufonna. The first sermon was preached by Mr. Tong for some time preached there.

We sup- pose a Non Con: Adam de Kinyon, TFm. This indenture witnesseth that whereas Sir Oeoffirey de WerbufUm, Knight, is bound to Oilbert de Culchdh in one hundred pounds of money to be paid on a certain day as appears by a certain document here- on made.

The said Gilbert wills and grants for himself his heirs and executors that if Gilbert faia son and heir shall marry by the advice of Sir Geoffirey and the said Gilbert that the said Gilbert the father shall take the profit of the marriage of the said Gilbert the son without disturbance.

Martin in "Winter Bf. Philip and St James, 21 Edw. A eapereedeae, dated November, 12 Charles II. Bradley Hayhnrst would seem to have vacated the Vicarage of Leigh beforo the year , not in as formerly stated In the year , Henry Newcome, then of Manchester, tried to move him to Gawsworth, near Macclesfield, which he himself had left.

Calamy does not in consequence claim Hayhurst as an Ejected Minister, for the latter conformed at Macclesfield. Frances, another daaghter, had married for her second hasband Mr.

George Bradshaw, of Green- acre. The third daughter Anna does not appear in this presentation. The name GiUibrand was local. In 13 Henry Vni.

Shuttleworth and others as patrons in He also adds "Mr. In this same year Bichard Hilton by deed, dated 17 August, , left 10s.

Part of tbesupMoo feea beloiiged to the Impropriator. Under the heading of Papiata he haa and 13 viSiy ao many peraona. Nayloor, and said to beperpetoal, 15a.

The following la an extract from an old book whlob may be of interest —P. Joseph Watson, in the th year of his age.

They were an happy ooople 72 years. She died in tlie 94th year of her age. He waa parkkeeper to the late Peter Leigh, Esq.

He waaa man of low statursb not bulky, of a fresh ccmpleodon, pleasant countenance, and he beKeved he had druik a gpJlon of malt liquor a day, one day with another, for above sixty yean of his timeb [ifo.

John Leyland, the Grange, Hindley, aod the following are extraote of mteroet. The different names under mentioned oonsiiBted princi- pally the choir: Chisnal, dog Pool; Old Alexr.

Singers ; — Ann Grime, died Augt. Peters erected 2 schools one on Chapel Geeen the other in Mill Lane. The first charrity sermon was preached Oct 15th by Mr.

Bennet Minister at St. The road up Mill Lane was once in a Gravel road maintaind by the Township of Hindley the foot road going down the lane was upon John Aspinal side 3 feet higher than the cart road with large oops and stubs to keep teame of.

In Stoney lean was raised by John Marteew overseer and paved by Steven Brooks in or about or Cart road was paved to Mr. Not an house upon the right side going from the Presbytain Houses to the Old Houses faoeing John Lows weel Wright shop on the other side at Peter Marsh built those other Step Houses.

Landel a prentice of Mr. About 1 or 1 upon the other side of the lane Mr. Li under old Lydia Woods hedge and trees faceing Bird hand was an old house which Mr.

Sumner father bought was puld down and the ancient Pennelefs Bench demolished from under oop. Keansley and Edmon Mandley in or about About 4 years after Roger Eckersley took the waste land in at Chapel Green nearly balfacre.

Mary Abram, Widow, whole soul I trust triampheth now amongst the Just. In addition to the advantage the Master derives from the occupation of the house and land above men tioned he receives from the Corporation of Liver- pool which is JBl.

Mathews Low school master taught in the old School Chapel Green for about two years was derk for Township left Mathews left about stopt 8 years.

John Pollard entered absent 8 years left in was absent again up to Nov. The following memorials being in oommoration of persons formerly resident in this district may per- haps interest some of yonr readers.

In memory of Mr. ThomoB Irdand, ate of Lher- pool, merchant, who died March 9th, , aged 73 years. Richard Urmston and his daughters, who owned the advowson of the Parish Church.

Richard was bom in On 20th of February, he and his brother John, and his son in-law Richard Shuttleworth, with fifteen other persons of the township of Bedford, refused to take the Parliamentary Protestation, the inference being that they were Roman Catholics.

The entire Parish of Leigh then contained male persons above the age of eighteon ; and of these, 44 were Roman Catholics, the greatest number of the latter viz.

Under the political circumstances of the period, Mr. Urmston and his household soon fell into trouble. What form this assumed as regards his daughters may be seen from a subsequent communication ; but the narrative which follows, taken from the proceedings of the House of Commons, will show how the head of the family was proceeded against, and how he acted to save his estates.

It is notice- able that the proceedings began the very day after the parish had taken the Protestation. Speaker should write a letter to those Justices for the apprehending and seizing and sending hither of the gentlemen named in Mr.

The letter was accordingly written, and later on in the Parliamentary proceed- ings of the same day it was pat to the vote that Rich. Shattleworth should forthwith be sent for as delinquents by the Sergeant-at-Arms attending on the House ; and all officers of the several counties through which they should pass were respectively required to be assistant to the Sergeant and his Deputy in the execution of the order.

He was to be brought up severally, and not permitted to speak with Brad- shaw or any other of the delinquents at any time. On the following day it was ordered that Mr.

Urmston and the other delinquents named in the Parliamentary order seem to have been duly taken into custody. On the 11th March, , a committee formerly apxwinted to examine Urmston was revived, and it was instructed to examine Lathom.

On the 6th of the following month he was bailed: Lathom, of Bedford, was a staunch Protest- ant, and headed the list of the Protesters of Bed- ford.

Bexds of thjb Bsiok or Edward m. Martin the Biahop, 30 Edw. Witnesses to Ist charter: Mary Magdalen, 8th year of Henry duke of Lan- 66 caster. To hold to him for life, Remainder to OUbert his son and KcUherine his wife and the heirs of their bodies.

Remainder to the said OH" bert the father in fee. OilbeH de Cul- eheth, aged 19 years and upwards, in the church at Manchester openly acknowledges his marriage with Katherine the daughter of Thomae del Bothe.

As witnessed by the notarial certificate of John de Barwe. To hold to WiUvMm for life. Re- mainder to WiUiam dd Twyese the father. Mark the Evangelist, 41 Ed.

Rendering a rose daring her life, but rendering J Gilbert to give his son 7 marks 6 shillings and 7 pence in yearly rent ; and John to keep the young couple until they were of age to govern themselves.

Monday next after the feast of Holy Trinity, 47 Ed. Friday next before Trinity Sunday, 47 Ed. Saturday the eve of Trinity, 47 Ed.

Monday after the feast of Trinity, 47 Ed. And the said John covenants to deliver the same to Gilbert if alive or to his heir if dead.

He died about Yot according to modern decisions in 69 similar cases, the writ of summoiis to William le Boteler being repeated, a sitting thereunder mnst be inferred, and a barony-in-fee was thereby created inheritable by his hdirs general I want to know who now represents the said Baron William le Boteler.

His direct male line failed in the sixteenth cen- tury with Edward Butler, of Bewsey, Esquire, who had three sLsters. Blizaheth married Sir Peter Warburton, but died without issue.

If so, would not her present lineal represen- tative be entitled to claim a barony-in-fee by virtue of the writ of summons to William le Boteler in ?

Hampson gave to the poor of Westleigh tiie yearly interest of 10 — Richd. Peter the yearly interest of 10 Mrs. Mort, of Wharton, gave to the minister at Atherton the yearly sum of 2 15 — Wm.

Hart gave to the poor of Westleigh the yearly interest of 20 Thomas Guest gave to the school at Astley the yearly interest of 20 Adam Mort, gentleman, gave to the poor of Astley, Bolton, Little Bol- ton, Tyldesley, and Bedford, out of the tythes of Astley, the yearly snm of 10 Thomas Mort, Esq.

Bolton, gentleman, gave to buy Communion Plate for this Church the sum of Also gave for an annual sermon upon the feast of St. Bartholomew the yearly interest of 10 Also gave to 20 poor persons in Pen- nington attending Church on that day the yearly interest of 10 And also gave to the schoolmaster for teaching three poor boys to read and write the yearly interest of 20 — R.

Athurst gave to the poor of Westleigh the yearly interest of 6 And also gave to this Church certain lands in Westieigh called Pickley Heyes.

Naylor, gentleman, gave to this Church a croft in ;Westieigh for an annual sermon on duster Tuesday. Parr, clerk, gave to this Church certain lands in Hind- ley called Woodcrofts, for prayers 73 eyery Wednesday, Friday, and Satur- day.

Cunliffe gave for an annual sermon at Astley on the feast of St. Morton gave to the minister at Astley, yearly 2 15 Signed , Wm. The curfew is still rung, both winter and sum- mer, at Ormskirk Parish Church.

Deeds of the Reion of Biohard n. TkopMi de Scihewarih and Bichatd de ifdand were in some way to see the agreement performed. That Robert and Margery died, and Robert, their son, suooeeded.

That on his death the said John entered as his heir. Verdict found for Gilbert de Culcheth. Remainder to Tkurttan d6 Culr eketh in like manner ; remainder to Nickolcu de OuU ckeih in like manner ; remainder to Henry de CuU eketh in like manner ; remainder to John del Bothe, of Barton and his heirs.

To he ConUniued, ifo. The documents printed below occapy pages 1 to 6 indosive. Farrington was also Beotor of Warrington in the year , in which year he was boned there.

His name is on the largest of the eight bells of Leigh Chnroh. He was the seeond or third sea ai William Fsnrington, Esq. He was of Brasenoee CoUege, B.

He married Hester, daughter and oo-heiress of — Gflbody, of Manchester, Esq. Barlow diel in Oct. Thomas Sed- don, whose book of local celebrities supposed that those whom he criticises were pictures npon exhibi- tion.

Vicar Barlow is on view in this gallery as Father Paul, i. In the absence of any information about Mr. Bar- low, it can only be conjectured that Seddon inten- ded to satirise Mr.

The Stricture is as follows: Father PauL Sign Paintinfft aod that in a very inferior line, is the suitable provinoe of this artiit ; we are surprized that canvass so pruatituted, has found its way into a respectable exhibition, when no gentleman can think it worthy of a place in his eervanU hall.

Vicar Birkitt died in the year PatroUi Thomas, Lord lilford. Irvine was succeeded by the present Rector, the Bev. Joseph Heaton Staoning, M.

The following are extracted from the book re- ferred to in Scrap Notes Nos20and They occupy pages 14 to The following extracts relate to the township of Bindley: The foQowtng extract relates to the chapel of Hindley: Peter in Cathedra, January 18 15th Eiward lU.

The uanal corenant of wanantry and the sealing follow. The dark green wax. Within an oblong octagonal border is an heraldio shield, bearing what seem to be a pair of open compasses inverted, and intersected by crossed swords ; be- low annulet.

There is no endorsement. Of the branch of Legh here named no trace can be found. The witnesses are all of resident families in the vicinity.

This deed is a quit-claim of lands in Bedford. A Bmall strip of rough purchment, the ink pale, and the writing partly eflboed by mbbing. The Smitha, of Wray, in this county, have jiaiir ia Is in their coat.

Bamabaa, Jnne 11, 45th Edward in. A grant of lands in Lancashire. I have also given and granted to the same Robert all my goods and chattels whatsoever within the said county, whever they may be found.

A family gift by one SKutOeeworth to another. The witnesses are of local families. Bartelemew, the apoatle, in the 47th year of our Lord King Edward lU.

In witness whereof the said Henry has placed his seal. This sort of bond was under the provisions of the statute of Acton Bnmel, and the Statute of Merchants, of the 11th and 13th year of Edward L Statute Merchants were contrived for the security of merchants only, to provide a speedy remedy to recover their debts.

In illnstration of Mr. Biohard Urmeaton eoqnier The Sonne Bichard for lent money 40b. John Southworth 6b, HeniyWhetteU: William Grondy, for lent money John Penington, and Wm.

Smyth for lent money JB6 Bancroft, for lent money 6s. Will proved 4 October, To Roger Bradekage my godson I make my assigns Mr. Besidne of goods to them, and I make them my executors, and my old Mr.

The will was proYed 10 April, Among the debts are mentioned: Remainder to Thomas in fee. To hold to the said Gilbert and Agnes and the heirs male of the said Gilbert.

The same witnesses as No. The following characteristic poem was written by Mr. I heard in conyersation recently that John Tkylor, Esq.

Can any correspondent say if my informant was correct? The Willonghby peerage ia an extinot title. Horwood ; but it has not been done without some inaccuracies in dates, ftc.

It is a document of some significance. Angry dis- cussions throughout the country followed on this important event, and much freedom of speech waa indulged in.

Differences of opinion created par- tisans ; and there were persons in every parish who were unneighbourly enough to report to the Council treasonable words occurring in the con- versation of friends.

Froude says voL i. Five months after the marriage a Proclama- tion was issued, and was affixed to the Church doors. It set forth that the Lady Catherine of Spain, heretofore called the Queen of England, was not to be called by that title any more, but was to be called Princess Dowager, and so to be held and esteemed.

Discontent vented itself in veiy rough language, the priests expressing themselves the most heartily. Some instances of this ont-spoken- 97 neas are quoted by Fronde in connection with the northern and then very remote abbeys of Whitby and Fumese.

The monks were alive to the issnes involved, and the news of the proceedings at Court spread quickly from monastery to monastery. The Earl of Derby who signs the letter was Lord lieutenant of Yorkshire.

He was Edward the third Earl, who had been brought up as a pupil of Cardinal Wolsey. His death occurred in Sir Henry Farrington, whose name is also afifized to the document, was a zeslous promoter of the views of Henry YIIL He was son of Sir William Farrington, and was connected with the household of the Earl of Derby, and as Canon Baines believes acted as secretary to that noble- man.

He was afterwards one of the Commissioners for the Suppression of the Monasteries, and died at the end of , aged Sir Bichard CUrke, the Vicar of Leigh from to , was the first witness whose evi- dence was taken.

In , he was returned as a priest of Crostoo, which is the place meant in his deposition. He was chantry priest of S. He seems to have been promoted to Leigh for his carriage in the present business, just about the time that the Vicarage was passing into lay hands.

He does not occur amongst the Lancashire priests in Henry Vill. He gives the testimony of the first wifcneaa thtts: And the said Sr Henry hath attached the said priest and send hym to yonr Highnes.

Jamys Woddes, sworn and examyned, deposith and saithe that he herd the proclamacion redde in the Howse of John Blaekstons, and the said Sr Jamys said then that he wold not take non for the Quene but Queue Kcdharin ; and as for Ncm BuUsyn that hoore shalbe no Quene.

Adam Banastsr sworn and examined, deposith and saith that Sr Jamys ffasrison the xxiiij Day of July in the howse of Thomas Orauesyns said that he wold nerer take Nan BuUeyn for Queue, to be hanged for the same, but for Nan BuUeyn, Biehard Sumner and John Clayton, sworn and examyned deposen and say that they came in cumpenny with the said Sr Jamys Harrison from the town of PerhaU to Bcdeston, where the said Sr Jamys said unto theym this is a mervelous world, the Eang will put down the order of Priests and distroye the Sacrament, bnt that will be as Thomas Dyionson said, that it cannot reign longe, for he saith that Yorke wilbe London hastelye.

For the following list of deeds in the possession of the trustees of the PresbyteriAn now Unitarian Chapel, of Hindley, we are indebted to Mr.

John Leyland, of the Grange, Hindley. November 16th and 16th, George Leigh, Westhonghton, Kaylor. Peter Floteher, Hindley, Tanner.

Peter Astley, Hindley, Yeoman. James Green, Abram, Yeoman. For DiMentecs from Chnrch of Englaad. N June let, Febraary 25th and 26th, Roger Ryecroft, Westhoughton, Yeoman.

John Laithwaite, Westhoughton, Husbandman. Peter Fletcher, Hindley, Tanner. John Walmesley, Wigan, Gentleman.

George Marsh, Westhoughton, Yeoman. John Parr, Hindley, Gentleman. John Sargent, Hindley, Yeoman. William Hilton, Hindley, Yeoman.

Thomas Sale, Westhoughton, Chapman. Ralph Leigh, Westhoughton, Yeoman. September 2nd and 3rd, Helen Holland and others to Mr.

August 7th and 8th, Third Trust Beedw Appointing new trustees and vesting in them the property of the chapel.

WiUiam Hilton, Hindley, Yeoman. Ralph Leigh, Hindley, Yeoman. John Sargent, Lice, Husbandman. John Naylor, Abram, Yeoman.

Bobert Leigh, Westhooghton, Yeoman. George Lyon, Hindley, Yeoman. Peter Parr, Westleigh, Yeoman. Cropper, exeoators of Mrs.

Alice Lawton to James Green and others. Assignment by the executors of the late Mrs. Lawton in her will, dated January 8th, Joseph Brown was minister at this date.

Thomas Sale, Weethoughton, Chapman. John Naylor, Abram, Husbandman. Peter Parr, Weetleigh, Yeoman. George Leigh, Bolton, Chapman.

Benjamin Aspinall, Westhoughton, Chapman. Simon Sale, Ince, Yeoman. Joseph Hatton, Hindley, Chapman. Richard Sale, Westhooghton, Yeoman.

James Hilton, Hindley, Yeoman. Thomas Sale and others to the newly-eleoted trustees. Morris, gentleman ; the Rev.

Richard Godwin, of Oataker, minister ; and the Rev. John Hughes, of Bury, minister, arbitrators in a dispute between the Rev.

Davenports, minister, of Hindley, and Geoige Lyon, of Hindley, yeoman. Edward Laithwaite, of Hindley, yeoman ; James Leyland, of Abram, yeoman ; and others, the con- gregation of the l: The award declares that the Rev.

Philip Holland, of Bolton, for two years from the first of the preoeding April, for ministering every other Sunday in the chapel. William Davenport to George Lyon and other members of the congrega tion.

From this document it appears that a quarrel had oocorred between the Rev. A letter had been sent to the rev, gentleman informing him that if he did not immediate!

The letter was signed " A. Richard Godwin, of Gataker, minister, and the Rev. This award was not to prejudice the right of the Rev.

William Davenport to proceed by action at law against the writer of the anonymous letters, or the perpetntors of the assault.

Taylor is descended from the Willoughbys thus: Elizabeth Willonghby, younger sister and co- heiress of Hugh, 15th Lord Wil- loughby who died in , and wife of John bhaw, Esq.

Ann, third daughter of the latter, married John Salt, Esq. Taylor is thus fourth in descent from the sister of Lord Willoughby.

An interest- ing series of papers upon the Willoughbys has re- cently appeared in the BdUtm Weekly Journal, in which particulars of the descendants of the family are folly set forth.

With respect to the peerage, its extinction is more than doubtful. In conse- quence of a most remarkable error in the succession, by which the younger line obtained possession and for nearly one hundred years enjoyed the honours upon the presumption that the issue of an elder brother had failed, there is strong reason for be- lieving that a new Barony of Willoughby was called into existence.

If so, this latter dignity is now in abeyance between the representatives of the two sisters of Hugh 15th Baron, and should at any time such representation centre in one indivi- dual, the title may at once be claimed and as- sumed.

December 1st and 2nd, Appointing new Trustees, and vesting in them the property of the Chapel. Joseph Hatton, Westhoughton, Chapman. Henry Gaskell, late of Hindley, now of War- rington, Warehouseman.

William Gordon, Wigan, Chapman. Peter Gaskell, Hindley, Yeoman. John Leyland the elder , do.. John Leyland the younger , do.. John Harrison, Westhoughton, Husbandman.

Richard Harrison, Hindley, do. Joseph Candliffe, Hindley, Weaver. Thomas Horridge the younger , do. William Qreenough, Aspoll, do. Robert Rosbotham, Hindley, do.

December 23rd and 25th, William Greenough, Aspull, Weaver. New TnuUei, Richard Barlow, do. Peter Gtaskell the younger , do. Robert Longworth, Aspull, Farmer.

Hugh Gaskell, Wigan, Teoman. Henry Butterworth, Hindley, Farmer. Agreement for letting two fields, called Chapel Fields, at the back of the Chapel for seven years.

Edmund Manley and others to Mr. Duplicate de mise of ft plot of laad in Hindley for yoftra for building upon. Conveyance of Hereditament in Hindley, in the County of Lancaster.

And the trustees of the will of the late Mr. Conveyance by way of confirmation of the same premises. Deed of Confirmation thought necessary in consequence of the former deed not having been enrolled in Chancery.

This Conveyance is for a farm fronting Boggart House- lane, containing 7 acres, 3 tooda and 21 perohes statute measure.

Consideration, iBL July 27th, Thomas Gaskell and others to Mr. Counterpart de- mise of a plot of land, in Hindley for years, for building upon. Counterpart demise of a plot of land in Hindley for years, for building upon.

Countepart demise of a plot of land in Hindley for years for building upon. Plot of land adjoining Hindley Railway Station.

Counterpart de- mise of a plot of land in Hindley for years for building upon. Thomas Gaekell and othera to Mr.

Suffolk fines, 16th Edward II. Hardy mentions the following fines in which Thomas de Grey and Alice his wife are querentes. Though Sir Thomas is always given the dignity of knight- hood by the genealogists, I have not seen the title applied to him in any authentic document.

Tuesday after the Peast of the Translation of Thomas the Martyr Copy of inquisition after the death of Thomas de Grey.

Copy of licence for Thomas de Grey to give certain lands in Parva Comerde, Magna Comerde, Newton, and Bures, to the convent of Mailing, in exchange for certain lands in the same vills.

He was fifteen years old in He is called in "of Grays Hall, Cavendish," where probably he resided till he became owner of Merton through his marriage with Isabel, daughter and coheir of Fulk Baynard.

The family of Baynard had possessed Merton since the Conquest. Seebohm explains, small allotments in the open fields, but keeping no oxen for ploughing , and six 9ervi or serfs, who were in fact slaves.

This class was fast recovering its freedom, and at the Survey in there were in Merton, as in many other places, none left. Merton had six villani and one bordarius at the time of the Survey.

The oastle itself was in London, and girea its name to one of the city wards. The tower of Merton church is the only remnant of the church built in the time of the Baynarda.

It is of early or of rough Korman work. The rest of the church is of rery beautiful Decorated work with some Perpen- dicular additions. To return to Sir Thomas de Ghre j.

He did not actually possess the manor of Merton till the death of Katherine Baynardi mother of Isabel, the said Katherine holding it in dower.

Of which fee Thomas Gtemon [Part I. Merton was probably the principal residence of the Baynards in Norfolk, for Mr.

Garthew in his Hiitory of East JBradenham, p. Sir Thomas left three sons, Roger, Thomas, and Fulk, of whom the two former successively owned the estates.

Easter, 12th Edward m. It proves that Thomas de Orey was the husband of Isabel Baynard in , and that Katheiine Baynard the mother of Isabel was then alive.

But if the name of the wife is here correctly given. Sir Thomas must have had three wives, viz. Ambrose, 39ih Edward m. In this deed, dated firom Hadyston [Bunwell], Mens.

Thomas and his heirs. For other instances of a father giving up during his lifetime his estate to his son, see mpra. But, in this instance of Sir Thomas, there might have been a reason, apart from affection for his sons, why he gave up his manors, for it is upon record that he was in debt.

He was eldest son and heir of Sir Thomas and Isabel [Baynard. His father resigned to him the manors of Merton and Caxtons in Comerd, as above stated.

For the continuance of this feoffment see. He had one son, who died a minor, and two daughters, the elder of whom married Sir Thos.

The daughters seem to have died young. Both died, I think before 2nd Henry lY. These shotQd properly have been noticed in Part I.

They will be found in box [e 2]. The first document is dated 7th April, , and is the donation to the College, of the church and tithes of Thompson, by Sir Thomas de Shardelowe and John his brother, with the consent of the Bishop of Norwich Bateman , and of the prior Bozoun.

It has two fine seals. One is the episcopal seal of Bishop Bateman with his office seal in reverse, in red wax, with a case or frame of yellow wax [for a description of this raze seal see Norfolk Arehmology, vol.

Both seals are affixed to the deed by pea-green silken cord in perfect condition. The Bishop dates from his palace at Thomage.

The second document is dated 12th April, 82nd Henry Vm. Sir Roger, it is stated in his inquisition, , infra travelled on the Continent from about Whitsuntide to November, I suppose he intended to travel again, and was on his way to do so in when he was taken ill at Dover, where he made his will.

He died soon after- wards. His widow, Margaret, married secondly Sir John Lakynhethe. Will of Sir Roger de Grey, Knt. The original will is or was in the Probate Office, Norwich.

Tallack of Norwich has kindly copied from the old copy of the probate which still remains, though separated from the old copy of the will, the following: It will be observed that, according to the dates, the will was proved ten days before, and the inquisition 24th October, , taken two months before, the will was made ; and that according to both inquisitions Sir Boger died three months before his will was made.

There is, however, no doubt about the authenticity of the will. It is possible that the will was made on the Monday before the Feast of the Translation of St.

Thomas [July 3rd], in which case all would be clear. Grey, T aUve in But a note supra, Fart i. The will of Sir Boger only says that the profits are to be kept back for fifteen years to make portions for his daughters.

The jurors find that he held in his demesne as of fee thirty-two acres of wood in Cavendysh of the king, and also that he held the manor of Cavendysh, called Greyeshalle, of the Earl of March and others.

He also held the manor of Denardeston. The jurors say that Roger de Grey, Chev. The jury say that Sir Thomas, father of Sir Roger, being of full age The manor was held of the Earl of Stafford as of his Honor of Gloucester.

Adam was the name of the brother of Margaret de Grey, mother of Thomas. That Sir Roger had not a child Adam is proved by the inq.

If the figures are correct, the Honor of Clare comprised 62, acres. Assignment of the dower of the wife of Sir Koger de Grey, Knt.

Item there is deliyered to her that part of the garden which lies on the west part, as it is divided by the other boundaries; excepting the lord shall water his beasts there, and shall haye, if he wishes it, water for his expense there.

Item there is deliyered to her her common rights [communia sua] in the court of the said manor, to administer her goods and chattels there, with free ingress and egress.

Sum of the value per annum beyond the reprises — nothing. Then follows the description and value of the lands assigned as the dower.

Margaret, daughter of the said Roger, and wife of Sir Thomas Shardlowe, Chevalier, is his next heir aged nineteen and upwards Names of those who had the wardship of Margaret mentioned.

With the above Inquisition is a Writ, dated 16th November, 23 The escheator is to find out if there ever was such a person as Adam si aliquis hujus modi Adam fuerit and if Margaret is now the next heir.

Margaret is the next heir. Philip and James May 1st, Margaret, widow of Sir Boger de Grey. Boger and Sir Thos. Boger died without heir of his body issuing.

Adam de Clyfton was brother and next heir of Margaret, and more than sixty years old. Pbdioreb dbduoiblb fbom this Inquisition.

There was an heir male, Thomas, though he died in August, , i. His sister Margaret, wife of Sir Thos. FuUc de Grey, heir to both bis uncles.

Aged 17 on Oct. He was only son of Sir Roger and Margaret [de Clyfton] his wife. Ist September, 7th Richard II.

States day of death of Thomas, as above, and that his sister Margaret, aged nineteen, is his heir. Greenstreet informs me, Falk is said to be "cousin and heir to Margaret" [ShardeloweJ thus passing by entirely his uncle Thomas de Grey, clerk; and Merton manor, at any rate, seems to have passed direct from Richard Pynchbek to Fulk de Grey, for Richard Pynchbek was alive certainly in 2nd Henry IV.

Fulk, the nephew, held his first court for Merton in [Part I. Probably Richard Pynchbek died in From the above writ it seems certain that the manor of Greys Hall in Cavendish, which had been in the de Grey family probably at least for four generations, was sold away by Thomas de Jrey, clerk.

He was younger brother of Thomas de Grey, clerk. For proof of this see infra, in abstract 2 Oct. See supra, under Sir Roger.

He was cer- tainly alive in See supra, fine 49th Edward HI. He left a son and heir, Fulk. There is no evidence as to any other children.

He was son and heir of Fulk, by his wife Margaret Yemon. By an inquisition taken on the Feast of St.

Simon and Jude, 6th Richard II. See pedigree, last page but one. He married Eleanor Bamardeston, but nothing certain is known about her. That she was belieyed to be an heiress in is proved by the arms on the stone of James de Grey, one of the quarterings of which is, A fesse indented ermine between six crosslets argent: That she was believed not to be an heiress at a date much earlier is equally certain from a coat of arms that still remained in Merton church temp.

Fulk de Grey died before , see charter , next page. William de Grey was, it is believed, the only son of his father, Fulk, at whose death he was a minor and under the guardianship of Sir Robert Clyfton.

Christian, in addition to his son and heir. William de Grey died, according to Blomefield, who gives a copy of the iuBcription, now gone, on his gravestone on the Feast of St.

Both William de Grey and his wife were buried in Merton nave, under a stone which still has the arms of Manning, viz.

Sir Robert Clyfton, Ejit. Blomefield says that Sir Robert Clyfton died in , and Alice in The translation of this abstract is as follows: Renewed in the year of our Lord , and the second day of October, in the fifteenth year of the reign of King Henry YI.

Sir John Yemon, Knt. Vernon, lord of Ehne, on the death of her brother Thomaa Vemon, b. Folk de Grey of Merton, Ar. Gilbert Haultoft, Baron of the Exchequer, by his will, dated 10th Jan.

Will of William de Grey. Body to church of St. When Sir William died about a dispute arose between his son and heir, William, and another William, son and heir of John Yelverton of Raokheath, and cousin of the said Sir William.

The dispute was referred to arbitration, and William Grey was one of the arbitrators. A priest to celebrate for two jean for my sonl and the aonl of Christine my wife, ice.

William de Grey was, so far as is known, the only son of his father, William. Mary had three daughters see the brass in Merton church and I believe one other son.

She died April 5th, Also I leave to the same Mary two small brass plates. She died 13th June, , and was buried in Merton nave.

Blomefield gives the inscription that was formerly on her stone. She had two daughters by William de Grey see the brass in Merton church and one surviying son, Edmund see inquis.

She married thirdly, before 12th Henry VII. WQliam de Grey had in all five sons, see his brass of whom two, Thomas and Edmund, survived him.

On his mural brass in Merton church there are the figures of himself and his two wives with their ten children, and these shields of arms.

Comerd and Baynard impaling Bedingfield, Ermine, an eagle displayed gu. Comerd and Baynard impaling Teye, Arg. The following table shows some rather complicated re- lationships connected with William de Grey.

Bedingfield, first de Grey, da. William de Grey, I believe, held the manor of Lillington in Warwickshire. Of this manor Dugdale makes mention in his Waririckahire, p.

I suppose the date to be an error. The third John could only have been a child at the date of this deed, , so that the two trustees would be his father and grandfather.

Her marriage settlement is dated She died as above, and was buried in Merton aisle, and her brass is still existing. Inquisitio post mortem William Grey as to the Norfolk lands.

He died 12th February in the same year For an account of the family of de Grey of Garbrooke see next page. Of the manor of Haddeston, otherwise Bainard in Haddeston.

John Finch [Fyncham] and others were seized Grey was seised of the manor of Glaxton [Gartens. The Garbrooke de Greys appear to have dropped the prefix.

Carbrooke register begins 2lBt April, Blomefield also says that Anthony was son and heir of Fulk, but I did not see this stated in the register book.

Anthony Grey, sonne of Anthony Grey, was bap. George Gray, sonne of Anthony Grey, was bap. Jane Gray, daughter of Anthony Groye, was bap.

Martha Gray, daughter of Anthony Gray, was bap. Anne Grey, daughter of Anthony Grey, was bap. Thomas Grey, sonne of Anthony Grey, was bap.

George Gray, sonne of Anthony Grey, gent. Blomefield says that Anthony de Grey of Carhrooke [son of Anthony] was liying in , and had one brother, Thomas, and nine sisters.

If so, four of the sisters must have been baptised elsewhere, unless I overlooked them in searching the register.

Thb Rbcttsanct of Amthont Gebt. In 26th Elizabeth Anthony Grey of Marten, gens. Alice Ghaye, the wyffe of Anthony Ghraye, gent.

In , 12th May, Anthony Grey, gent. Rawlins of Attleburgh for conference, to repair to church and bring certificates. Afterwards, by special favour, relaxarunt eum, and he was ordered to repair Pbdiorbb of Gbbt of Carbrookb.

Car- Car- Car- Car- Car- brooke. It is therefore a fair inference that Thomas was the son of the first wife, Mary Bedingfield. Norfolk, the Bedingfield seat, on 20th April, , and that Lady Margaret Bedingfeld was his godmother.

Gomerd impaling Fitz Lewes, Arg. Both these statements are, I believe, incorrect. His wife died twenty years after his father, so that grief for her death would not have prevented him from enjoying the estate, but we have presumptive evidence that he held his Merton manor for seventeen years after her death, and then resigned it, for it was in that year that Edmund, his son and heir, held his first court for that manor [Part I.

Thomas de Grey died at the age of seventy-six. Price, 55 silver marcs. See his brass in Merton chancel. Blomefield says that she brought Chervilles manor in Beechamwell to the de Greys.

By a reference to the Manning Pedigree Part I. It seems therefore probable that Blomefield is in error, and that Chervilles came to the de Greys by purchase, and Edmund de Grey was a land buyer, and lived at a time when he could gratify his taste at small cost, for King Henry YIII.

For the Griston portion of this land see infra, p. Edmund de Grey died twelye years before his father, leaying three sons, Thomas, Robert, and Edmund; and three daughters.

Of these, Robert succeeded to the estate on the death of his nephew. Edmund was fifty-nine years old in 36th Elizabeth Record Office, Excheq.

Department, Hilary, 36th Elizabeth, No. Perhaps it was Edmund of Baynards who had a child buried at Saham Toney, in Will of John Orey of Methwolde, Esq.

Every priest that shall say mass at my buriall yid, Priest that shall say dirge mjd, I give to the prisoners in Korwich Castle 20d.

V silver spoons v gilte salte To son Thomas Graye. Gedge, Methwold, 6th September, John Grey, the teetator, was of that branch of the de Grey family which held, for seyeral generations, the manor of Griaton, the next village to MertoD.

The arms are the same, differenced by tincture. The Merton fiunily bore, at this time, the arms of Gomerd, Aaure a fess between two cheYTons or; and Grey of Griston bore, Azure a fees between two oheyrons ermine.

Griston Hall, known by tradition as the honse of the cruel undo of " the Babes in the Wood," is situated about half a mile south of Wayland Wood, the supposed scene of the murder page 39, supra.

Blomefield states that Edmund de Grey had previously, t. In the pedigree of , the first Grey of Griston is William. It is probable that he was the brother of Edmund of Merton, and it is so stated in an old MS.

Pedigree at Merton Hall ; but he may have been the undo. It was repurchased by Thomas, fifth Lord Walsingham.

William Grey baptised at Thompson. It is almost certain that he was of the Merton family, as the title Mr. He may be the William, son of Thomas the priest, who is mentioned at pages 37 and Edmund was a family name of the do Greys of Merton, but Gertrude and Gabrielle were not so.

In , William Grey, gent. William Grey, Thomas eld. John Grey, eldest son. Said John Grey died seized in his demesne, as of fee in manors of Gryston Hall, t.

Griston Hall held of the Honor of Glare. Garbrooke, held of Richard Southwell, as of his manor of Garbrooke. Said John died 23rd May, The inquisition of Elizabeth, wife of John Grey, Esq.

Long before the death of Elizabeth, one John Emyson was seized Francis Cnaahjrn ia aon and next heir of aaid Elizabeth, aged fifteen years and upwards.

Thomas de Ghrey, son and heir of Edmund, was seventeen years nine weeks and one day old on the 7th April, 2nd Edward YI.

He came of age 2nd February, 6th Edward YI. By her he had his only son and heir Thomas, and one daughter, who became the second wife of Robert Kemp of Gissing, Esq.

See his bran in Merton aisle, which aUo mentions his second wife. See deed recited in inqaiB. She died 9th October, Roger, the eon of Sir Wymonde Carewe by He ifl called of Biicklinaea, oo.

Margarett Carew my wife Inquisition taken at Watton, 2nd January, 23rd Elizabeth lo Thomas de Grey was buried in Merton aisle, under a slab which has the figure of a man in armour, with clasped hands, and an inscription see Blomefield.

The arms were, de Grey [Cornerd] impaling Everard, Gules, on a fess argent, between three estoiles or, as many mullets sable, and the same impaling Carewe, Or, three lions passant in pale sable, armed and langued gules.

This latter shield is still in its place. Inspeximus of the writ of inquisition, taken 18th July, 4th Elizabeth , at Norwich, after the death of Thomas de Orey, who died 12th May, 4th Elizabeth , son and heir of Edmund de Orey and grandson of Thomas de Orey, Priest.

His second wife, as above stated, was Temperance Carewe. In the Metropolitan Visitation in he was returned among those in orders.

She is called " Mrs. Thomas de Grey must have sold the advowson of Watton, and soon after he bought it. He was married before he was eleven years old, no doubt sold by the queen, according to the cruel laws of wardship.

For the account of a lawsuit consequent upon this marriage, see infra. His uncle Robert was his heir. Administration granted to Elizabeth the relict.

Second inquisition after the death of Thomas de Grey, who died 2l8t March, 8th Elizabeth. The right of marriiige, at first prohably confined to a veto npon the marriage of a female ward, lest an nnmiitable or hostile tenant might be foisted on the lord against his will, assumed very early the character of a Taluable property.

If the infant refused to accept a suitable person when tendered by the lord, he or she forfeited " the value of the marriage," that is to say the price which could be obtained in the open market for such an alliance.

There is reason to belieye that in the intervals of his freedom from prison he resided at Merton Hall, and that he began its rebuilding not long before he died.

Robert de Grey succeeded to the family estates in , on the death of his nephew Thomas. He held his first court for Merton manor 10th Elizabeth, Robert de Grey died in , after twenty-three years of persecution, leaving his son a minor.

On the south wall, a Jacoboean mural monument was placed to his memory by his son. He was, probably, brother-in law or nephew of Robert de Grey the recusant.

In the sixteenth century the double title was often given, e. Darrell, esqer, geve thys at lytlecoz. Freeman, speaking of our modem use of the title Esquier after a name without the Mr.

This deed is dated the year after the death of Thomas de Grey, who was son and heir of Thomas, elder brother of Robert, and step- son of Temperance Heydon — she haying been the second wife of Thomas de Grey before she married Sir Christopher Heydon.

An epitome of this interesting document is given at pp. Forced sale of the manor of Lillington, Warwickshire. It had also belonged to the father of the last named Thomas.

Elerexi yean before, i. Jeesopp iniormB me, between Nicholas Mynne, Arm. Robert de Grey, the defendant, pleaded nullity of marriage.

Bishop Parkhurst manfully resisted. It was an infamous attempt, but I suspect that something like a compromise was come to. It seems that the patronage of the vicarage of Lillington did not pass with VOL.

I oannot identify Robert, Agnes, or Laurence. Robert de Grey was supposed to be in collusion with Francis Woodhouse against the Government, which claimed, according to the Act of Parliament 29th Elizabeth, section 4, two- thirds of the profits of the lands and tenements of Eobert de Grey, on account of his recusancy.

Circa — Part of his will is recited. William de Grey, son and next heir, aged at the taking of the Inquisition 16 years 9 months and 1 1 days.

The following also are mentioned: Thomas de Grey, son of William de Grey of Cartons. He held the manor till at least Cousin Phillipp his sonne.

This is the place in which to notice a valuable MS. It was 51 discovered among some old books at Merton in It is a thick folio, bound in vellum, and is divided into two parts.

It contains copies of letters, orders, and despatches, relating, some of them, to private affairs; others, the greater portion, to county business, dated from the 30th to the 45th Elizabeth.

It was written for, or by. The subjects of a few of the letters are as follows: From the Bishop of Norwich, to search the same house for Becusants.

Concerning the staying of passengers which go beyond the seas without license. From one of the ladies of the court, concerning Black Will.

To Sir Bobert Cecil, in the behalf of Dr. Dove for the Bishoprick of Norwich. He was seventeen years and eight months old when his father died.

He seems fully to have accepted the Protestantism which his father so firmly opposed. He was Captain of a foot company, Deputy Lieutenant, and Justice of the Peace, in which latter capacity, in , he had orders to search the houses of recusants, and to take from them all furniture of war.

Sir William was a very good man of business: Seven of them had children baptized at Merton. Probably, according to the custom of that day, the married daughters had a home with their father for a year after marriage for an instance of this see Part I.

Phillipp Calthropp gent, was baptized the first of Maye In he may have resided at Thompson, as a child of his was there baptized in that year.

At any rate, he was at Merton from till his death. On 23rd July, , Sir William Grey, with many other gentlemen, in all three hundred, was knighted at Whitehall.

As Sir "William was married in October, , and Barbara was the second daughter, she must hare been under fifteen when she married.

They had four children baptized there, riz. This word had the meaning of eUver in the seventeenth century, as in Proverbs viii. Sis Bobest, son and heir see p.

Her body to the church of Bamingham, near that of her husband. She was buried in St. Edmund de Orey, her brother, and Lady Ouybon, her sister, executors.

Brother Edmund de Qrey and sister Lady Ouybon, executors. Her marriage settlement Box [ff] is dated 26th August, Jane Bacon was buried in St.

Extracts from Mbeton Rboxstbk. She had one child a son baptized at Merton in See note to Sir Wm. Mentioned in deed 22nd May, 9th Car. Deed of discharge to Sir William de Grey, by which he was released from all fines laid upon his father.

By mee William de Gdeye. Sir William de Orey obtained special liyery after the death of Robert his father: This indenture states that in order that the king may take no damage, Sir William has deliyered a schedule of his manors, to.

Sir William was a minor for three years two months and twenty days, and was a ward of the queen. These abuses perished with the monarchy.

The following is a letter written by a landlord to his tenants to ask their Totes, two hundred and sixty-two years ago.

This was in preparation for one of the most important Parliaments that England has seen. As nothing is said of the king in this letter, we may perhaps conclude that Sir William de Grey bent rather towards the country party than towards the king.

Some of the entries are as follows, Corned, Receipts of John Wood Brickstryker xxli. For the superior lords of the manor of Merton, see note, p.

Sir Philip Knevett sold his Old Buckenham property in For these lands see pages 18 note, Itim in pasture my hoome groundes wHn the pales besides the great water nott valewed forty acres Gives extracts from two books in the custody of the Remembrancer of the Exchequer.

The first book is described as containing an account of an aid, granted to Edward III. An amercement differs from a fine proper, in that the latter is fixed by statute.

Will of Sir William de Grey. Froyed before Thomas Crosse, rector of Morton, snirogate, 27th October, Body to be bnried in the chancel of Merton Church Castle in London for rebellion against Henry I.

Thus the Fits Walters became ohief lords of Merton and Bimwell manors. The Batcliffe jbtmily thus took the plaoe of the Fits Walters, as superior lords of the de Greys.

The de Greys continued to hold their manors of Merton and Bunwell of the Batoliffes, Earls of Sussex as of their manor of Hempnall, and afterwards of the Lukyns, who bought the Hempnall manor of the Batcliffs.

They had been discontinued during the Commonwealth.

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