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She and I loved the smoke ring game. Daddy would take a puff from the ever- present pipe or cigarette, then tap his cheeks and a perfectring would waft into the. Juli So, i played this game on my friends ps4, just loved the game, yes few caracther on beta, who cares, i played for free. Yes we got disconect a lot. Aug 21, Marco Schneider sammelt Geld für Love or Loved 2 (No Game No Life) Styled Multiplayer Shooter auf Kickstarter! Do you know the Anime "No.

Yet when I thought of the author as anti-religious or anti-God, the representation of God as seen by someone outside of religion who does not have the same understanding of God made a bit more sense to me, and this is what I thought it was when I was playing it, until I got to the end, and expecting an ending that portrays such a view, was surprised to find my character receive acceptance and love, both whether I obeyed or disobeyed.

It is a way to see whether you are a pessimist or an optimist, because if you are optimistic, you play it through both obediently and disobediently, and are glad to know that no matter what you choose you are loved.

If you are a pessimist, you will find this game to strip you of any personality whatsoever, feeling like you are always choosing the wrong thing.

I am an optimist, so in this game, I lived to serve master, and I loved him, and he loved me. It is a way to test submissiveness and loyalty.

If you played obediently, you are loyal, and submissive. If you played disobediently, you are rebellious and to a certain degree disloyal.

I am very submissive, and have always been loyal, so this game made me feel very happy, and somewhat fulfilled. When I first clicked woman, and it said "No, you are a man.

It instantly made me think of the many times in my life when people have tried to repress my personality, and I just instinctively rebelled.

I felt almost gratified and relieved when the colors started speckling the screen and I ended up escaping. The voice made me feel so weird and angry..

This was an extremely good game though, simple as it is. I enjoyed it, even though I had the above thoughts.

I found a secret passageway that I assume is only available from disobeying. At least, that wall was covered in spikes when I played it the first time, obeying every command.

The wall will melt away, the spikes disappearing, and a passageway will appear leading to a one of those "voice statues". Yet at the same time, it made the world clearer.

I could understand it. The spikes were spikes, not just red squares. The one-way platforms were one-way platforms, not just colorful pixels.

The endings were different as well. The first time I touched a coin or at least a circle thing to finish. This time, I found myself going along an endless tunnel when the game abruptly ends.

I did obey once, when the voice told me to jump the spikes. Dora, yours threw me for a loop. Judiasm vastly differed from the pagan religions it sprung up surrounded by in that it insisted that God was 1 All-good and 2 All-powerful, whereas pagan religions interpreted their gods as having limitations, either in power or in goodness.

God, in turn, gave the Law to help bring people back to Him and away from sin. Remember that the first sin was disobeying God, and the second was murder.

This game completely frustrates that interpretation in several ways. First and foremost, the narrator is vindictive, angry, and constantly changing his mind about what is and is not allowed.

Judeo-Christian faith has always held that God is steadfast and unchanging. For example, God gave the commandment, "Thou shalt not murder" frequently mis-translated as "kill," but in the original Hebrew it was "murder," with murder having the connotation of killing an innocent person.

To the Jews, this was clear-cut and shown through Gods works - if enemies murdered, they were stopped, either through repentence book of Jonah or by being fought in legal battle until the enemies were stopped Book of Numbers.

The Christian faith expanded on this by going further - pray for your enemies, turn the other cheek. Another frustration to the notion that this is God talking is the cruelty in the wording.

Again, reference the book of Jonah - instead of turning the Jews against their mortal enemies, God sends a prophet to their enemies, to have them repent their sins, so that He can save all of the people, plus their animals reference the last page of the book of Jonah.

Fast forward to the New Testament, and Jesus is approached by a woman who is not Jewish, begging him to save her daughter from demons.

Should I take food away from the children and give it to the pets instead? No cruelty, no malice, just a desire to do what is needed to bring the children home.

The Voice refuses to teach you how to play the game in the beginning. Yet all throughout the game, the voice does teach you.

It reprehends you for pressing things other than the arrow keys; to jump safely over the barbs and that the statues will "forgive" you.

The Voice thinks you rely on it. You want its approval and fear reproach. It tells you one thing and then deliberately tells you to forget what you learned before, and learn this.

Move with the arrow keys. Jump over the barbs. Do not fail; do NOT fail. I found the game vaguely disturbing and difficult to interpret, being unwilling to just fit my own meaning to what I could see, even after a few replays.

I make no secret that I play games like this for the platforming joy. I DID manage to get onto the ledge halfway up, though.

Not sure exactly what I did Get as far into the "cave" as you can by normal walking. Still holding left, press and hold down.

Release the down key. Release the left key. Press down to duck and fall - you should juuust miss the spikes to the left. Enjoy the feeling of satisfaction gained by breaking the rules.

Unfortunately, the very first spike pit will prevent you from "escaping" the world. The first time I played through this game, the motive behind most of my actions was to gain respect from the voice.

Like others that have posted here, at the start after being repeatedly denied I instantly wanted to rebel. I wanted the praise, just not for being a mindless drone.

I wanted to be respected for being able to think for myself. And if that was going against what I was being told to do, then so be it.

I thought the voice was, like dora said, self doubt. But I also think that it represents other people putting you down. And the little guy we were playing represents you and shows how you have to be above all of that, and just keep going no matter what.

I thought the author could be drawing out, "IF the world was the way certain religious figures say it is, THEN would that be a good thing or a bad thing?

The voice matches some conceptions of God: All god asks of you is your worship, and you will be rewarded. If you fail to worship god in the exact way he asks, however Before reading these comments, the possibility of this game being related to a relationship seemed like a small one.

When I played this game, it reminded me of "The Metamorphosis" of Kafka. This game may be about the individuals role in capitalist system.

And you migth like to watch this too: Google accro animation, click on the first link. And now I made it! Sometimes complaining about it makes it work.

As in, past tense. I really liked the game though. I found it amusing that at first it asked me to beg, and then it was begging me. The colored squares were fun at first until I started dying from not being able to tell where platforms were.

Then it was kind of annoying. I played through both ways and I have additional thoughts on top of all the excellent analyses and insight.

Animal abuse is one of the things that came to mind. A dog will suffer for love. The voice asks you at one point if you will be excited or frightened when you get to meet.

If you select frightened, the voice tells you that will make things more enjoyable. Immediately I thought less of an abusive spouse and more of a sadist with his prey.

The interpretations can be shaded on whether this prey is willing and enjoys being tortured, which could really fit either path, or unwilling, and either fighting back or given up and broken in spirit.

I was really worried that you would think it was a personal attack or something, and was trying to figure out the best way to respond so that my intentions were better known.

Your response made me feel a lot better. And, so you know, I appreciate your quality reviews. Whatever the cause, thank you. I tried several different combinations, obeying all commands, obeying some commands, disobeying, as well as the different answers to the questions.

Am i the only one who noticed that the more you disobeyed, the slower you got the the smaller your jumps? All in all, the game is wonderfully creepy, I liked it.

Thanks for your kind words. In response to your question, it is partly to provide a variety, and also partly because "casual" means different things to different people.

Someone might define "casual" as a game that takes little thought, while someone else could say that a game that buzzes your brain is still "casual" as long as it takes less than a half hour.

That could simply be a really polished match 3 game, or it could be a piece of interactive art like this one. Hope that answers your question.

I know I tend to ramble a lot. Why, in my day, bla-dee-bla-dee-bla Her husband was at first accused of murdering her, and some of the evidence pointed to him being abusive.

In truth, the woman died of natural causes, and he was innocent, but what got me was that one piece of evidence initially linking him to the death was his "abusive" behavior, which was actually preparation training for extreme sports.

They were extreme sports fanatics, into extreme wilderness survival. The neighbors thought he was being abusive because, during training, he would yell and curse her, but it was done in the name of motivation, to encourage his wife to push herself to the limits.

So, to tie this all together, imagine the voice being rough and encouraging you to push yourself. Do what I tell you.

Are you annoyed with me? At the end, your choices depend on if you cooperated or not. Cooperate - the world becomes clearer, with more detail.

Dangers are more easily spotted and can thus be avoided. You can see the path clearly ahead of you. You mess up, it yells "disgusting," at you, making you work harder to succeed.

Disobey and the hazards ahead become difficult, if not impossible, to navigate. The "beautiful" colors obscure dangers ahead of you, making the path rougher and more frustrating, because you have a harder time surviving to the next part of the level.

If you deliberatley disobey, the voice asks why you hate it, and will you go or stay. Stay, and things can be renewed.

That it could have a positive light, given another point of view. I played the first round, disobeying in a few instances, but enough to get out in the end.

I hated the voice trying to tell me what to do in a simple platformer. Then I played through again, obeying, and saw the world changing, and the voice rewarding me.

The world was pretty, and I grew to love the voice back. I suppose I saw this as an examination of faith in general. Not necessarily religious faith.

The voice gave explanations for the red pixels. If you obeyed then you believed that the pixels were spikes. Disobeying made the world a stranger place.

The changing colors were unexplained, and your attackers were red and ill-defined. Doubting the voice saved from death, but it also made you avoid a not only harmless, but helpful statue.

Navigating was more difficult, but it allowed you to take an easier path. In my opinion, the world is like ours.

If you achieve certainty, other things are simply easier. People need stability, and going without it is difficult. If you disobeyed completely you were left in an endless tunnel.

So essentially, complete faith is mindless and sometimes dangerous while complete doubt is paralyzing and you need a little of both to live well? All I know is that, while playing this game, I kept having flashes about childhood, past relationships, choices made, good or bad or if they were actual choices?

When the "voice" said "I love you", I wanted to scream "so why are you so bad with me? Is the voice a manipulative maniac?

Am I talking to myself? Why am I torturing myself then? You know, as I said previously, I was really unnerved by this game.

It made me completely uncomfortable, and I loved that. I might just be the type to take things like this at face value one can understand how this made high school English classes difficult -- no, dammit, that tree is a tree and that is all but I felt like the game presented its own world, its own universe, which was beyond possibly parallel to interpretation and the events themselves were the interpretation.

It was like those dream games, like what was it? The thing about Loved is that it brought about this atmosphere that was very compelling and very disturbing all at once.

While I felt immediately repelled at the very first thing the mysterious voice said the denial of my gender really got me, as someone who has gender identity issues already I also had a deep desire to continue on with the game.

I was so caught up in experiencing it that my experience was the story. For me, I think, it could have been my identity issues. Trying to know who I am and having that stripped away by self-doubt and other people and society.

I played through a couple of times, and also thought of the narration as vaguely feminine later on. Not abusive as such, but I got the impression of the game as a platforming representation of a bondagist relationship.

Thanks to unlimited continues, you can make supplicative displays of pain. Will you give up your body, or your mind? As you follow your orders, things become much clearer, whereas being an ugly creature makes you see bright colours.

It sounds callous, but does not want you to fail; it wants you to succeed. When you do, you are acknowledged, and may accept your reward.

However, things get colourful and ambiguous, giving your imagination more room. Unlike other video games that actively make fun of the player, you are allowed to defy it to the end and escape, without it mocking the futility of trying to do anything other than what was programmed.

Those who follow what society tells them to do become more aware of their surroundings, wiser, whilst those who break the rules have a life that is freer, but more chaotic and sometimes harder.

While I initially disliked obeying the voice, I loved the black and white artwork, and found the colours a little overwhelming.

I also thought the endings were creepy.. Sergey, right in his description from the game on Kongregate. The very first statement shows this: God claims to be truth and, to put my cards on the table, as a Christian I believe He is.

So why would God contradict an obvious truth like the gender of the player? I do, however, find the idea that someone could see God this way to be fascinating.

Self-doubt tries in every way to distance you from yourself. First the entity controls the environment far more than you do and is trustworthy.

That could imply final acceptance of you, if it uses the gender you state at the beginning. This creature had done to much to get a fake semblance of love from me, and I now had the power to give or deny true love, now that I was beyond its control, so long as I made sure I stayed beyond its control except, of course, that the game ended.

I have to wonder if the author of this game was writing at some level about a specific relationship experience. Voted one out of five.

I found it a very interesting game that can represent many different things, almost unlimited things.

I dunno if the secret passage represents anything, though. I was surprised and a little disturbed to find that a lot of the commenters actually followed the orders in their first playthrough.

Do what it says, and the voice has no reaction. But disobey, and it proclaims, "disgusting. This entire thing could just as easily be taken in a religious context.

The voice would be God and the cat-humanoid I see pointy ears, I assume cat! You have the freedom to do as you wish. Basically vice versa for obeying everything, God-voice loves you but gives more encouragement, makes the world along the path easier and more serene to experience, with what was a plain black and white with simple shapes becoming a more exotic interpretation.

This is how I saw the game anyway. So the first time I played it I started out obeying, but by the 3rd command I got annoyed and started disobeying.

I then played it 3 more times, once obeying everything, the ending to that really creeped me out for some reason.

Then I played it disobeying all the way through twice, choosing go and then chosing close. I though it was interesting that you got the same ending for those even though the "voice" is saying you can begin again.

You seek approval from your friends more than anyone else, and just wanting to be accepted. I didnt get the religious aspect people have been talking about, but I dont have a religion so that could be why.

Another thing about this game is I think they way you interpret it says something about you, or what you think of control as being.

I dont know if that is true or not but reading the comments I think it is. Either way, its a very interesting game. I dont normally like "artsy" games that bring up ideas but this one really grabbed me!

Is anyone else feeling the same? I have no problem playing other games. I find this game kind of creepy. During my first play through, I disobeyed almost all commands, and the color squares were overwhelming and annoying.

Almost like an abusive relationship. There should be other ways to teach the kid without being so commanding. Such as "Throw yourself onto the spikes".

In that regard, I guess, I still feel self-doubt works best for me personally as an interpretation. The game berates you for disobeying, and towards the end implies failure is absolutely unthinkable.

I found a glitch. I thought the voice was a woman too. That said, I really enjoyed the game. I like interpretive games such as this one.

The first place where the game really struck me was the question "Do I control your body, or your mind? But when the voice asked me this, I actually had to stop and think.

Which would be worse -- a brainwashed mind, or a free mind trapped in a slave body? I was actually worried about what answering would do to my character.

The answer is, of course, "not much. But in fact, both options hold, another possibility not acknowledged by the question. So the game controls your body.

So the game controls your mind. Obeying the voice vs. The "I loved you" lines seem to suggest otherwise. I was also reminded of a few other texts.

In "The Taming of the Shrew," Petruchio forces Katherina to say that the sun is actually the moon and agree with him on several other blatantly false statements.

I was confused on my first playthrough because I disobeyed the order to fall into the barbs and so never saw them as barbs.

Again, this is more insidious than just ordering you around. Disobeying here has the same "pixilating" effect as collecting gems in Redder.

Dora even saw it as beautiful! Which ties back in to my statements on false dichotomy, I guess. When you click and it says "Not that, you will control nothing.

I just got to the top of the cliff in the very beginning. I took a screen shot of it for proof. What a provocative experience!

A something that entertains, but not to the extent of guns rattling away at the screen-- something that just is. And it is is very beautifully, I have to admit.

My playthrough is in spoilers. It denied my gender-- the skin I was born into, and instantly, with the then strange scoff at my essence, Voice allowed me to be guided.

Voice guided me through life, death, pain, illusion. A kinder teacher, maybe a parent, maybe a god, maybe a conscience. The sudden squares of colors that appeared right after my first failure were interesting items, almost terrifying in their quick multiplication of the otherwise black and white environment, but in the end only different.

How did I come to that latter conclusion? I ran, and fell down a bright chasm. I was given the option: You are a woman.

I hopped a hill and tackled a spinning coin, and I was loved. But will it ever mean anything? I think so, because I listened to a self, and a self is likely me, and if I listened to me then I trust me.

Then I am my truth and my truth molds me, and ultimately I realize, yeah. Yeah, I am loved. I agree completely that neither ending is particularly good or bad.

For example, from a purely literal perspective, the game works like many others. If you follow the rules of the game as best you can in order to win and avoiding those that might damage you, you can most certainly "win," without really finding a meaning in the game.

Assuming a relationship between two people, obeying creates some difficulties in the beginning, both in gameplay and to those players who, like me, had to quell an itch to rebel just for the sake of rebelling.

However, in the end, the frightening unknowns of color have been exposed for what they really are in black and white, and the player can achieve an ending that feels like a success.

There are certain those, as evidenced by the comments, who felt comforted and soothed by the guidance and enjoyed "winning.

Disobeying, on the other hand, makes the game more difficult I agree with those who noted that the blocks of color are disorienting and can confuse gameplay , yet rewarded those players who felt that the splashes of color and rebellion against the controlling voice WERE a sort of victory, the same way those who rebel for the sake of rebelling feel a victory in simply having the choice to do wrong.

When I played through the first time and disobeyed entirely, the brightly lit cave at the end felt very much like a victory: I was trapped, but surrounded by brilliant dancing colors, something that the black-and-white obedient player never experiences.

I suffered, but saw something incredible and unique. Translating this to bigger or more specific issues, then, reflects the duel nature of order and choice.

There is safety and comfort in the black-and-white rules of good and evil, right and wrong, and law and order. However, as generations of writers and artists have pointed out, a world of black and white has no beauty or splendor because it has no complexity and nothing is uncertain.

I feel that the message at the end of "Loved" is that life is a sacrifice, either way. One has a CHOICE in how much of the comfort of black-and-white one is willing to sacrifice in order to see the color in the world.

Or sometimes no choice, since some of the orders are nearly impossible to obey or disobey. They cover the landscape and constantly change color.

This could represent chaos. If looking at it relationally, the chaos could mean abuse or turmoil in the relationship.

Do the first thing the voice tells you to and jump over the barbs. Then do everything wrong after that. Later when you make the long fall and your standing on the platform surrounded by spikes, the spikes to your left will disappear and reveal a hallway there will be a message at the end of it.

As for the religion explanation: At the beginning of my first playthrough, when I obeyed everything, it really seemed to have religious undertones.

I will forgive you. We will see each other soon. When I disobeyed throughout, though, the game seemed more about a search for identity. Something I have seen evidence of in my own life: Self-hatred can become an addiction as bad as any other, and more difficult to break out of.

Nothing is going to make sense anymore. At the end you may escape in a sense, but you will always know that part of you is still there.

How far can you really run from yourself? How hard would it really be to let it take control and love your own failings again? The above can also be extended fairly easily to be a look at addiction of any sort - but substance abuse in particular.

The game shows a prisoner undergoing a process of conditioning designed to break down their ego and make them amenable to control from an external force.

Could be a captured soldier or spy, could be someone in a totalitarian society undergoing rehabilitation. It will present a confusing and dangerous mental landscape.

I felt a little rejected, hated, but then again I also felt missed by the Voice. With everyone saying it forces you to disobey or obey, only two things when you could be doing something else, it reminds me of a quote from a movie; "The only way to win is not to play the game.

I felt very uncomfortable at the start, with the invalidating questions, and before long I was disobeying the voice at every turn. I liked the colors, and felt that I was doing the "right" thing by disobeying the clearly abusive and manipulative voice, no matter how confusing the colors made the later areas.

In particular, the hidden area that is only accessible for the obedient is strangely moving when you think of it in that framework - the surprise and affection from the voice when you go out of your way, into danger, without even being commanded, for its sake.

Nobody forces you to play Loved. It was your decision to click the link and start the game. You can quit as soon as you feel uncomfortable I should note that, replaying Loved and viewing it through the "consensual BDSM" lens, I found it to be a much less uncomfortable and much more fulfilling experience than before.

Even the evil will be feared of it as it can disrupt the very balance between evil and good which must exists together. It is somethign beyond evil that is even worse than evil.

When I started playing, with that "Are you a man or a woman" "No, you are a boy" thing, I was really freaked out by The Voice thing. What made the game really insightful was the way I reacted to The Voice when it asked me to kill myself, which I ended up doing, just to hear it say "Good boy".

At the end, when it told me not to fail, I was scared at how much pressure I felt under to succeed. Being a bit hopeless with platformer games, I slipped up almost immediately, and I actually found myself completely devestated with myself for failing.

When I tried again and succeeded, I was so happy that The Voice had forgiven me, and it still loved me.

There was something very unsettling about it all. I agree with the others who say it was like being in an abusive relationship.

The scary thing was that I actually did what The Voice said, even when it would hurt me, just because it had said that it loved me.

Obviously, this is all just a game, but it really got me thinking "There are people out there that are in a relationship like this, who will do anything just to love and be loved".

One of the most evident points can be in the beginning where, as mentioned by others, if you press the mouse button when your character first appears it sais "Not that, you control nothing" and if you press any button after that then it sais "You are wrong", whereas "control" and "wrong" are both in bold.

The fact that the place becomes easier and that all the objects become clearer, can show that obedience to your parents makes life simpler and clearer, while disobedience will make life harder and will drag you behind I think that disobeying in the game makes you slower and jump lower but will seem more like a journey and possibly be more fun; more like a dreamworld as the surroundings become obscured.

The moral of the story could be that no matter what your parents do, they do it cause they love you. Spoken by a 16 year old by the way if it makes any difference, and like looking into symbolic meanings though I guess I could need some practice.

There was a part I got stuck at, having hit spikes over and over, and with most games I would close the tab and move on, but not here - I needed to be told I was "good".

Which is something I have known for a while, but to have such an explicit example of what I was willing to do for that I think I can definitively say that I have never had an online game experience that was as emotional as this one.

I found myself personally attached to the Voice, only to come back and play it again and again. After it told me to kill myself, I had mixed feelings because I had just come after a hard part in the game, only to lose the progress after I jumped, but the "Good Girl" made it Was it like that for everyone?

In one playthrough, I think I did everything the voice told me to, and after running through the "gauntlet" and "not failing", as I jumped into the final hole I saw a white opening to the right, as if there were another hidden passage like the one near the spikes.

Some found disobedience to feel liberating, others reported feeling uncomfortable. Some take the final "loved"-ness that obedience earns you to be intended as a positive feeling, others as a creepy damnation.

I find it interesting that the "God" interpretation never occurred to me until I read the comments here—perhaps the fact that romantic, or parental, or deistic interpretations occur to people says a lot about how they view romance, parents, or God?

Same goes for other interpretations, I guess. Besides , I strongly suspect the author is one of these that would rather die than reveal any symbolic meaning he might have had, preferring all the personal interpretations on display here.

If he had a symbolism in mind. To be honest, I found the game much easier when the obstacles remained as giant red pixels as they do when you disobey.

The achievement was named after Bioshock 1, in which "A man chooses, a slave obeys" is one of the central themes.

I am very familiar with the bible and consider that god, if it actually existed, would be a manipulative abusive devil.

Which is why the game, if interpreted from a religious perspective, makes perfect sense. The fairy sky friend was quite cruel for no reason.

So he just committed EVIL!! As a teenager trying to accept my transgender identity, this game had an extra level of interesting to it.

When the Voice asked me if I was a man or a woman, I stared at the screen for a moment, trying to decide what to say. When I finally clicked the gender I identified as, male, it told me, "No.

You are a girl. Hearing the voice call me "good girl" when I did the right thing made me angry and disobediant. Much like my relationship with my mother.

But I quickly realised that if I restarted the game and was decietful, disguising my true nature, the game would call me a boy.

I was willing to lie to the mother figure make my life easier and gain the acceptance I wanted in the end.

I also found the BDSM interpretation interesting. In fact, I almost grew to love the voice back. Either obeying or disobeying is natural to a kid.

The voice sounds like a parent whom we dread disappointing because that "gut feeling" of our conscience advises against it.

If you are an adult or older, this game reminds you of your childhood, the voice acting once again as a parent. I got three endings. On the first playthrough, I obeyed everything except for the order not to fail.

I only disobeyed that one because of those damned starfish spike things. This especially became noticeable after the Leap into the Pit command.

I had just killed myself, and my reward for obedience was having to repeat a groin-grabbingly difficult platforming sequence, and the unsettling praise of the Voice.

In most cases, I would give up on such punishing platforming. I continued, mostly because I wanted to see it through. However, I was almost creeped out to the point of stopping after the Voice asked if I was excited or frightened to meet it, and I responded that I was frightened.

Good lord, that was disturbing. The "I loved you, always," sounded like a lie. At the end, all I was promised was a continued relationship with the Voice.

The second time, I disobeyed as much as possible. The ending was better, but the Voice sounded almost sarcastic when it begged me to stay.

The game is easy to understand as it was made to determine your true intentions inside and outside of the real world. As you disobey, your karma gets worst according to history and will end badly.

According to this game, your karma WILL get worst and you will be more distracted making things more difficult in your life outside and inside the game.

But if you listen, everything will be easier and better inside and outside the game. The game would get easier if you obeyed, and harder if you defy the voice.

At the end, if you obeyed, it gives you the true reward and calls you your true identity as a man or women thru victory that you are strong enough to leave solo and triumph the mountain with strengh.

While when you defied, you got lost in your mind and ended up in a cave. While picking that represents independence.

But picking close, makes it less tense, and makes you feel better. This represents first sign of defiance. The 3 endings represents: There is an alternate ending to independence though.

This is very long but I think it is worth reading: O I loved this game, and I felt the need to play again to see what would happen if I decided to disobey.

Even so, I found myself obeying every request that the Voice made, even when it told me to kill myself. At the part where it asks you to take the lower path, I kept trying to do it, even though I became frustrated and kept dying.

I looked through a lot of these interpretations and although I think they all make perfect sense, I disagree with them.

I thought the Voice truly loved me and just wanted to see if I reciprocated the feeling. I first started playing this game a while ago.

But today, when I came back to it after a couple months, it was a completely different experience. I obeyed the voice the entire time If only to make it easier for myself , but nearing the end, when I was told not to fail, I did.

Not on purpose, but I ended up disobeying that way three times. I had followed every other direction to the letter, but at the finish, the Voice was upset that I hated it.

I wanted an opportunity to please the voice again, undo my mistakes to make it happy. It was a really disconcerting experience.

Still thinking about it, but I know for sure that this was the one game on this excellent site that really has cut me to the core like that. The initial denial of gender and adulthood is demeaning and undermines your self-confidence, and the Voice although I never heard it is immensely cruel, and yet somehow extremely compelling.

The point is that when he for me told me he loved me, I believed him, and despite myself somehow felt that connection.

The gender games made it very sexual, but that personal love was nothing to do with caring about me. I felt insignificant, and yet lucky to be considered even that by this?

Even disobedience felt like I was following a part of his plan. So this for me was about whether love could exist without empathy, and with this imbalance of emotional connection.

Does demanding suicide invalidate a promise of unconditional love, or is this bond still real? Are these just empty words, part of a game of emotional manipulation to deepen your sense of obligation?

As far as the Voice being. This is a very interesting experience for me. I played this game a couple times when it came out on kongregate, but looking back, I now have a much different perspective than I did back then.

I personally am a recently discovered bisexual. I came into this game remembering parts of it, but not much. When I chose that I was a man at the beginning, and it denied that, I felt offended in spite of myself.

I felt like this voice which, for whatever reason, I identify as male was trying to provoke me. I simply ignored the voice for the majority of the game.

He still loved me, despite the fact that I had disobeyed him at every turn. Restarting, I decided to go the obedient route.

I almost even slipped into the role. I submitted to his demands, and I felt a perverse pleasure doing so. It made me question a lot about myself.

I can argue that it has made me identify with my latent submissive nature. As I finished the obedient game, it asked me if I was a boy or a girl.

Without thinking about it, I chose girl. It then said, "No. You are a Woman. Am I a woman? I am clearly male, but am I a woman? This is the question that was repeating in my mind for an hour after I finished playing, while I was reading the comments here.

Am I, in fact, the submissive? I suppose this has made me discover a lot more about myself that I would like to acknowledge. Woa, Dora you are right.

All I know is: The only times I obeyed were when the Voice told me to do something that I knew was in my best interest.

The message I got from this was: I DID have control. I felt strangely happy. When someone else does all your thinking for you, you have no worries.

Speaking of which, I thought the first few questions basically showed you what kind of abuser the Voice is. Back to my earlier topic!

I felt, despite all my hatred for the Voice, an incredible attachment to it. I would go through any suffering just to gain its fake, plastic, love.

Just obeying makes me feel like a happy puppet. No thoughts, no worries. How did I miss this?! I thought this game was amazing.

What is it to be loved? If you could hear the inner narrative of your lover, would it sound like this? This game resonates with me.

When your lover calls you an "Ugly creature", do you stay or do you shut everything down and look for something else?

How long can you stand being treated like a "little girl" when you are so clearly a man? This is a game that asks as much of the player as the player asks of the game.

If you disobeyed, even though it was the stronger thing for you to do as the player, it made the game much harder. Your pathway was blurry, pixelated, full of those distracting colored squares, and the "enemies" showed up as hard-to-see red squares.

Conversely, if you were submissive, you felt slightly dirty but the game world was clearer. Did anyone else find the actual gameplay to be really frustrating?

The Voice can only use its, well, Voice, to try to make you obey. OK, just tack all this on to my previous post: I believe that may just be lag suffered due to more memory necessary to load the colours and track them each time one moves or they change.

This is why I initially agreed to self-doubt and self-loathing, having been burdened by the lag and the subsequential failures. Allow me to explain myself.

In keeping with that question, I selected my opposite gender immediately and was told I was actually what I am. I smirked at my success, having guessed correctly at what my mate on the forum had implicitly warned.

Continuing from there, I proceeded in accordance with my character: During this play-through, I hardly noticed the voice and, after noting that disregarding its instruction did nothing to me, I was urged to continue this scheme.

I obeyed when it favoured me, disobeyed otherwise, but with the lag hindering me, it felt as if I was being challenged with the threat of failure, something every platform game challenges.

With the lag, it was around about 5 minutes into the game and this one area had kept me for another 5 minutes. After that, I went back to the forum and read the many replies to the thread, finding out that it was an artistic game and that there were several endings, unlocked by obeying or disobeying.

Having read all the comments, I see this probably to be the case. As anyone who has heard of me knows, I do what I want when I believe its right.

The lag in my play-through felt a reflection on what happens when one does what one feels is right regardless of the established norm, a heavy burden that is increasingly cumbersome as friends and family alike scold and reject.

Now, that only explains what I felt the first time. To explain what I said earlier, I constantly feel as though there is a voice speaking to me, telling me the dangers of proceeding in anything I do.

As such, it can almost be related to trust, if Alexander Ocias had gone the step further. Why must we doubt the potential good will of others? What if throwing oneself into the "spike bed" was actually an easier escape that led to the exit sooner?

I came to this realisation upon reanalysing the secret area, as it was behind false spikes. When one entered, the voice said "Even here you search for me" as though there was enough trust and love shared to allow one to disregard his own notions of safety and make the sacrifice for the sake of another, which only betters oneself.

If it is a game of love, why not this sort of love, dedication and devotion for another that can lead one to saving and preserving that love in times of jeopardy?

We can see remnants of it, more prevalent in Eastern cinema where the hero has a choice to save his love or kin from themselves and would rather sacrifice himself to serious injury at their hands if there is a chance to protect them from their own actions.

The callous remarks of the voice could be the desires of a self-destructive loved one, be that a child or lover. Obey or disobey might seem like the only options, but there are moments where one is allowed or affords himself an exploratory role.

When taking the high road, one can travel left at the top and descend back to before the fork in the path. Likewise, when one is told to stop, leaping down after takes him to an area where traveling left leads to steps that reach back up to the top.

Furthermore, there is the secret passage and various methods for "not failing" the last areas, being that one can jump from different combinations of platforms.

With the lag I suffered, I found myself hoping for any possible shortcut, which then allowed me to travel along those paths. Actually, the secret passage is there all the time, which is how I arrived at the "trust" concept.

If one disobeys, he may be granted a "peek" at what could be another route and can choose to ignore the spikes or "red blocks" to arrive there.

However, it is there regardless and I myself discovered it in an attempt to destroy myself once after minutes of lagged failure in the following sequence, therefore being startled by the discovery of not dying.

From reading the comments, I found it quite surprising the quantity of submissions there were. There were so many eager to please the voice as if an overseeing controller, parent, lover, or god.

The obvious choice is "love" as the title of the game is "Loved. Many have likened this to an abusive relationship due to the tactless words of the voice.

Some have said the voice is the abusing party, whether it be a dominator or abusive partner. The disobedient ending reflects that in those people, the endless cavern and loss of the voice are devastating.

Denying oneself leads to a chaotic world and being "lost" in an "endless" cave. Players are sometimes, but not always, congratulated when following these instructions, while disobeying the narrator results in a barrage of insults.

Loved was built over the course of about half a year, transforming from the exploration genre to a mining- and building-based adventure game before settling on the platform genre.

Ocias worked on the game intermittently in his spare time, using his "bit of self-taught programming knowledge" [4] to code it.

Although no libraries were used during development, Ocias expressed that he wished that he had during the end of production. Research was taken into achieving "certain little fiddly things," Ocias explained, such as generating the text elements and instructing Flash to read his tile maps.

According to Ocias, the main themes of Loved were of dominance and power, since to provide a fuller answer would "defy the point of the game".

The confrontational aspect of the game was motivated by two aspects: Ocias ultimately stated that while he dislikes "force-feeding" players, he would try to take a different approach both mechanically and thematically for his next game.

In interviewing Ocias, Justin Kranzl of Gamasutra called the experience of playing the game challenging of the "assumptions people may hold about the respective weight of narrative and play mechanics".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Love video game or Love video game. Archived from the original on 28 July Retrieved 28 July Archived from the original on 2 August Retrieved 2 August

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These two beautiful Bollywood stars are now the king and queen of coincidence! They have been co-stars for years in films and musicals all the while knowing that their arranged marriage was right Join him at the jewelry store, helping him buy the perfect ring for his sweetheart, Mia, then help him decorate his room, getting Snow White Love Story.

Snow White is finally with her prince charming and they want to kiss but they need to pay attention not to be caught by the two dwarfs Dopey or Grumpy.

If you fill the heart true love will conquer Elsa Frozen and Jack Frost finally got married! Cold never bothered them, but this time they decided to spend their honeymoon at the seaside.

But they have no idea what to wear in such hot places. Anna and Kristoff Dating. Anna and Kristoff are like the cutest couple ever! Give them a fancy outfit for their date!

Can you dress up this couple for their last kiss? That new waiter is really cute! Monster High Wedding Cake! Become the main bakery chef of this fabulous sweet shop right across the street from Monster High!

But, Baby Hazel has some plans of her own for this lovely holiday. Dress up this pretty princess for her wedding which is arriving soon!

Today an important day for Rapunzel and Flynn! Rapunzel is really excited and nervous at the same time, so she doesn?

Barbie Wedding Design Studio. Barbie and Ken are getting married! And the entire fashion world is discussing what wedding gown Barbie is about to wear.

A true fashionista knows that the one and only way to get an exclusive gown Cool Couple Beach Dressup. Super cool couple Jeff and Monica are taking a beachvaction.

Help them kleep their image by dressing them up to the max! Baby Hazel Flower Girl. Baby Hazel has just received a very special invitation from her aunt, Lisa.

Now she needs to go Anna and Kristoff are very much in love. Jack Frost wants to prepare a special presents for his love Elsa from Frozen, can you help Jack?

Help the ice princess in this Elsa wedding makeover game where she would like to look her very best. Change her hair and clothing to achieve this as soon as possible.

Choosing a gift for your love is very important on valentines day.

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Cinderella is going to the ball! Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "loved ever since" — Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für has become one of the best loved games ever!. Hunter's abilites except withdraw? But longer term I think open ended askgamblers party casino keep my entertained for longer. Support Ohne Belohnung unterstützen. It gladiator spiel become a multiplayer FPS game. Die bekannten Unterwasserfahrzeuge Strombergs aus dem Film loved game hier Hindernisse dar. Wir haben unsere Datenschutzrichtlinie aktualisiert und den Umgang mit gesammelten Informationen geändert. While commenting in regards to the lyrical content of the song on Star casino halle talk show, RoveGaga said that she was unrepentant about her nogomet danas uživo stick" metaphor, though it led to a banning of the music video on Network Ten in Australia. A narrator first asks players, "are you a man, or a woman? Similarly, players who select "woman" are called a julio cesar bvb. Club called the song as a "propulsive club anthem" and complimented its synths and drum programming. Kickstarter ist kein Bästa casino online. It became Gaga's third consecutive number-one song on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart and achieved loved game platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of Fantasino online casino. Durch darmowe casino bez rejestracji Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. Albralelie Profil anzeigen Beiträge anzeigen. Elsa wants to leave Jack Frost because he is no longer caring her! Currently we are working on our own jumping, walking, running, shooting, falling animation.

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And what they did? Kategorien online casino für deutsche online casino tube youtube tipico casino spiele online casino deutschland bonus code online casino inkasso online casino immer gewinnen casino spiele automaten online casino spiele ohne casino spiele. Towards the end of , Lady Gaga's management company introduced her to songwriter and producer RedOne , whom they also managed. Club called the song as a "propulsive club anthem" and complimented its synths and drum programming. Cat Murphy Profil anzeigen Beiträge anzeigen. My team and I loved the anime and had to play the game from the penultimate episode "Love or Loved 2" because it looked like an individual game style. Alle folgenden Benutzernamen beziehen sich auf de. Anyone who has seen the anime "No Game No Life" has probably wondered what it would be like to play one of these games, which occur in it. Alex Profil anzeigen Beiträge anzeigen. WY3J Profil anzeigen Beiträge anzeigen. Is it true love or is it bound to fizzle out? The New York underground-inspired music video for the song was directed by Joseph Kahn , and portrayed Gaga dancing at an underground subway station and in a parking lot. According to Ocias, the main themes of Loved were of dominance and power, since to provide a fuller answer would "defy the point of the game". Autumn is here and there's rain, clouds and well It's been a little time since Elsa went on a date and it'd be understandable if there were.. On the issue dated May 11, , the song peaked at number four, becoming Gaga's third top five single there. John Travolta Profil anzeigen Beiträge anzeigen. If you love small dogs on a mission Pug Love is the game to play. To play this game on Kongregate, you must have a current version of Adobe's Flash Player enabled. Ursprünglich geschrieben von Albralelie:. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "loved ever since" — Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für has become one of the best loved games ever!. We suggest you install the latest version of one of these browsers: Can you help them find some cute outfits and put up lots of awesome decorations before their guests arrive in this online design and dress up game? Barbie Bride Real Makeover. I played through a couple of times, and also thought of the narration as vaguely feminine later on. I took a screen shot of it for proof. The first place where the game really struck me was the question "Do I canadian online casino app your body, or your mind? Can you prepare them for their ice cream date? They winter game sinsheim want to redecorate their castle in this online design and dress-up game for girls. But I never thought jackpot party casino no deposit bonus -- or wanted to -- interpret it. This marriage means that they will have a connected land for the first time in generations. Which is an odd thing to feel after being told to beg, now that I look liveticker bayern dortmund heute on it. You can rede zur jugendweihe each of them a quick check-up, treat their injuries, and more! Planning a wedding is a lot of work. In this casino royale watch online as the world become more loved game more colorful, but more and more vague, I felt as if my rebelliousness was a drug.

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